When someone is disabled those of us who are not children anymore tend not to make fun of them.

When we are big movie stars we can make fun of whom ever we want especially disabled president elects.

Hollywood celebrity tards have been calling Trump a retard for a long time, mocking him, making fun of him, it’s all good they say.

When President elect Trump was campaigning he was said to have mocked a reporter who is disabled. Thus what followed was incessant reports on that alleged mocking of someone’s disability. I was appalled like everyone else, because all I did was watch MSNBC or CNN reports. Later as I started to see his great leadership qualities I discounted that as probably a misunderstanding.

Turns out what he was doing was making fun of flustered people, he does this all the time. He’s done this with an Army General, Ted Cruz his challenger in the primary, and others, by waving or flailing his arms around.[1]

Media pretends these examples don’t exist, just keep repeating the hype and shockbits like someone drunk vomiting in the toilet over and over again where you see all these pieces of chewed up food only dogs would eat.

Don’t be a dog.

Media vomit is delicious

Media vomit is delicious

Does this display of media vomit show how stupid Democrats can be, or is it that media just likes to con the public for profit$.

So since libtards like Merril Streep who speeched a lot of puke against Trump are so protective of those who suffer why didn’t she use that opportunity to speak to a world wide audience about the 1000 murdered in Chicago while people saw her films?

Oh that’s not fun.

It’s all about fun really, and attention. That subject wouldn’t get attention, it would make the audience cringe.

I find the woman to be a rather self absorbed sexual yodeler, we could acronymize that as SASY.

Oh poor Meryl Streep and all the filthy rich Hollywood elite whiners. We feel so sorry for them that we will boycott their movies while they boy/cott chicken sandwiches just to keep the world from tipping too far off it’s axis, which of course is centered in Hollywood.

Feature image of Meryl Streep star on Hollywood Boulevard by Ale & Fede 4e at Italian Wikipedia and is in the public domain worldwide

Image of vomit spewed all over the sidewalk like the TV/BOX does in our living rooms is public domain by Miltopia who grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose

[1] reference Breitbart.com

(some H’s won’t click on that link because they think it’s a Satanic website)