The international symbol of throwing things in the trash that belong in the trash

Calls it a “failing pile of garbage”. ROFL

I mean like trashing trash is like taking a wrecking ball to an already wrecked building.

I just love how Mr. Trump trashes libtard medias. Thank God he won.

I never waste my time on that libtard site, when I did get sucked into it a couple of years ago I had ad blockers on so they never benefited by serving up ads when I was there. HAHA

To me it’s tabloid like the National Enquirer.

Let’s talk about rude!

Liberals are incessantly bashing Trump, ignoring reality, living in their dream state.

In the clip below we can see how in the first Trump press conference since he was elected in November 2016 how the dude from BuzzFeed just kept on insisting on asking a question, he wouldn’t shut up.

Reminds me of hearing incessant screaming of a cat that’s being barked at by a big dog.

Let’s see, if they get into a fight who do you think will win?

Watch the video, it’s hilarious. Guy acts like a big pain in the ass. He won’t shut up.

I wonder what part of NO the guy doesn’t understand, the Q or the P.

I just love how our new president puts cheezy whiners in their place.

One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Wikipedia entry on BuzzFeed

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