Angry Mob Of Plastic People

Milo Yannopolis and Martin Shkreli, two of my BFF American idols, were going to speak at UC Davis but the Liberal Retard Protesters (LRP) came out of their swamp pits and the protesting was so bad Milo and the Republican group that put it on decided to cancel it.

Milo ain’t stupid as stupid gets, he’s launching his own.

Protests are protests, we see them all the time. Thing that’s a bother though, is who they really hurt, innocent travelers.

As presented at the site,

Ross Sullivan, 25 and a student at Chico State, drove the two hours to Davis to “come and see Milo, who I like because he represents the truth and he doesn’t back down.”

That was their goal. I’m sure these libtards celebrated with champagne at home how they stopped people who drove for hours to hear free speech at it’s most annoying to certain people. This speech is what makes the USAmerica great but liberals like this who are out of control don’t like free speech thus they actually hate the very foundation of that the USAmerica stands for. If anyone is acting like Hitler it’s them!

Libtards like this protest their heads off about free speech rights when it’s supporting THEIR speech, and they protest when it’s supporting their VILE/HATE, then when others speak freely they become militant ass holes.

I watched the same crap forge HIV/QWERTY lunacy which started in the disco daze.

That resulted in the Holocause In Virology (HIV) that sent many innocent blood cells to death in toxic medicine concentrations.

I was really looking forward to seeing the entire free/speaking presentation featuring Milo Yiannopolis and Martin Shkreli (pictured here) by freely downloading it online but lo and behold California LIB/TARDS got the best of them……in this case.

I’m sure it will happen somewhere though. So really, the libtards lose. Free speech wins.

martin shkreli

Martin Shkreli testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform during a CEO/HUNT on 4 February 2016. This image was created by a government employee and is in the public domain

Feature image of four plastic people, perhaps farmers, perhaps men, perhaps gay or transgendered or QWERTY’s, make angry gestures while holding an axe, rifle, pitchfork and stick. They typify the traditional Western concept of an angry rural mob of plastic people that go to campuses protesting something stupid with the threat of violence. This photo was uploaded to Wikipedia by Robert Couse-Baker on 20 June 2009, 18:38:10