At one time London Bridge once was adorned with the heads of criminals that were executed. The crimes they committed were likely severe.

Lesser crimes are sometimes committed by politicians that get elected by people and heads roll.

Sometimes things at protests become criminal with violence and glass breaking a part of it. At these events sometimes it gets so bad that emotions make it like certain people want to chop off heads, but they do not do that of course, this is a more civil country.

So it’s interesting to see the violence that occurred at the Milo rally a day after his presentation with that drug price/gouger was cancelled.

At the event a camera caught (it set the trap the night before) a foreign exchange student who spokateered about how the liberals were using thuggery to intimidate free speech and how in his country they do this crap all the time.

I thawt we in the USofA were not like Iran.

So at the event not a single head was/were displayed on any bridges at or near this rally but during the protest one might have though of London Bridge head displays of days past or that bridge to nowhere in Alaska if the mind wandered or they may have though of this song “I’m Not A Thug” which is a single made out of plastic by Plastic Little from Welcome to the Jang House or another song called “London Bridge is falling down” which would then lead to a gambling addiction as they started going to the Colorado River too much as they reflected on how London Bridge was moved to Laughlin.

WAIT!!! They let Iranians into USAmerica? (USAmerica is pronounced ussa-merica)

Thuggery – the act of a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire.

Feature image of traitor’s head created in 1858 author unknown.