An article about an ARA (Animal Rights Activist) who was denies Swiss citizenship states it was over her complaints about noisy cowbells.

Imagine that, someone who makes noise about noise. You can read the article here at

Here is a video of cow bells as they are grazing.

OMG they are annoying! It’s just like listening to activists and people who insist on getting tested.

Turns out, she didn’t get the law changed and they went on to deny citizenship because she didn’t have the values of the community. People have used cowbells there for centuries. She was upsetting everything.

She used social media to spread her complaint and that’s what the village people mostly complained about the wide publicizing of the matter, the making of all that constant incessant annoying noise, purposefully making their community and country as it’s been for many years, look bad.

The Swiss allow the residents of a community to decide citizenship. See, it doesn’t always pay to be social or make constant noise.

I was also wondering, does listening to all that noise, be it from social media or cow bells (basically the same) affect the animal or homosapien’s heart rate?

Feature image of cow grazing in pasture with noisy bell around neck and video By Johns J, Patt A, Hillmann E (2015)