The circus won’t be coming to town any more as political lunacy has prevailed, turning life all around us into a circus so there’s really no need to go to one.

A Fox News report mentioned animal rights groups sued the circus AND LOST their case where they claimed abuse of elephants. They had to pay attorney and court costs of $16 million.

So the next time we see an ad on TV showing those poor helpless animals who need our money, we might keep in mind how much dog or cat food $16 million could have bought, which instead bought the lawyers prime rib in Monte Carlo, New York City, Miami, and Rome along with 2nd and 3rd homes, and ask “Why am I helping lawyers?”

The Fox News report also shows the elephants looking pretty darn happy in the circus, and not so happy in the preserve they are now in because people bought the lies of these animal rights groups, and cities banned these from coming to their towns, while welcoming Wal-Mart.

Feature image of the circus from 1900 By The Strobridge Litho. Co., Cincinnati & New York. (Library of Congress[1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons