is #1 on the search engine search result for “imgay” on a service that claims it doesn’t track you.

This search site is named

It oddly doesn’t say a word about whether or not it tracks your computer though.

I think it duz.

You are not your computer. Keep saying that.

So one day when I wasn’t concerned about my computer leaving prints that certain characters in the computer industry can follow and see from far away places, I did a search on of all things IMGAY. Take a gander at the image as seen below the sky which was snapshotted on 1/19/2017 at about 10:30 am pacific time and states that is a junk yard for abused, used, working, and discarded acronyms and is #1 in the charts for that term.



BUT then when I tried this search again at 11:20 am it presented this:




Maybe it tracked my computer and didn’t like what it said about tracking.

UPDATE: The next AM I searched again and it came up as before. Hmm.


Feature image of boot print in dirt is claimed by NASA to be when man walked on the moon and is in the public domain.