During a committee hearing where US senators get to know more about who an upcoming presidential appointee is Al Franken who is called an evil liberal retard by some retarded conservatives, seemed to have his facts all lined up in order, with his T’s crossed and I’s dotted, whereas the appointee did not have a clue.

Betsy DeVos, the appointed one (as seen in the image above) is a privileged individual who married into the Amway fortune, has been working on trying to get Michigan schools privatized for years. She’s the head of something up there regarding privatizing schools. She promotes parental choice for what schools their children attend.

Privatization means investors get involved. It can be lucrative for those who invest. Problem is that like with any company the $ flow can become the #1 priority, not the end product, or in this case, the schooling. Too much of how these decisions are made is by board members and investors.

Another problem with privatization and a voucher system is distance/travel and states like Alaska where indigenous tribes are in tiny villages and the next one over that they might voucher to is 400 miles away. I won’t get into that here though.

In public schools there are numerous input mechanisms that dictate what happens in the system and what is taught and how. It’s not a system that looks for $ as the goal.

Throughout the hearing Ms. Ross was very pleasant and spoke well but one matter was of concern when in the hearing Betsy claimed that there was 980% increase in student loan debt.

Al Franken stated it was 118% and expressed his concerns to the committee about appointing someone who can’t get their facts straight in something that she claims she knows more than anyone about.

I looked it up, he’s 100% correct. Here is a section of the Federal Reserve accounting of debt found here.

It’s over 5 years between 2011 and 2016. During that time it increased 31%. In 2008 total student loan debt was $600 billion.


So from 2008 to 2016 it went from $600 billion to about $1400 billion. That’s an increase of 118%. That is EXACTLY what Franken stated in the hearing.

Where does Betsy DeVoss get her 980% number?

Maybe a unicorn told her.


Let’s look at those numbers again. She stated 980%. Franken and all other sources state it went up 118%.

This woman who fantasized this wild and crazy percentage would then believe that the student debt rose from $600 billion to (wait for it) $5.9 trillion.

Don’t take my word, watch the whole thing for yourself!

Throughout the meeting though she presented herself well and ending on a high note we see at the just before the 3.5 hours was over mention was made of how she helped the gay/qwerty community. It was quite the gay note.

Starting at about 3:23:50 the speaker reads a letter from Log Cabin Republicans (a gay group) who support her nomination and reflect on how she has stood up for gays – in particular one situation where she put an end to bullying of a gay worker of hers by a Senator who was threatening to OUT the dude against his will.

This is a Must Listen 2 (ML2) and shows the high level of character she has regarding the GAYBLT community.

Then again, that act could have been because she wanted to keep him in the closet.

Feature image of Betsy DeVoss at hearing provided by the internet.

Unicorn painting is described on Wikipedia as a legendary creature: The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, fresco, probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602 (Palazzo Farnese, Rome)