There is no such thing as broken dreams, dreams are all illusions.

You can’t break things that are not real.

I looked for images online of broken dreams and couldn’t find a single one.

Of course that doesn’t mean they don’t exist but I will conclude they don’t exist and since most people believe in them I would guess some would insist they are real, and that I am in the minority, and thus it doesn’t matter what I have determined to be real and fake according to the principles that some have that if you are in the minority you don’t matter.

I did find an item called “Broken Things” which looks real but is not really broken so it’s not real even though it’s real yet to call this real would be deemed illusory even though it is real and more like melted.

There is also a movie with this name “Broken Things” about a young boy’s love for the piano offers him an escape from his parents disintegrating marriage and bullies at school.