Some faggot monsters live in Palm Springs.

I make no apology for that term which might offend some. I like the term faggot. Everyone should use it more.

I might apologize for an offensive term once the QWERTY fucked up HIV community apologizes to me for killing my friends with their offensive terms.

HIV is offensive. It should never be used.

HIV pushers and their doctrine of worshipers never apologize for supporting a highly offensive system of bogus testing that leads to a mixed up world of what leads to death and destruction of healthy humans and healthy blood cells.

They never once apologized to me for supporting the offensive prescribed poisons used to “kill the virus” as they all demand we go to war with this thing, and like all wars, men die because blood cells die.

I never/not get caught in that trap.

So here in beautiful Palm Springs California we are blessed with these little packets that are found in gay hotels and other places. They have a packet of lubrication and a condom. They are supposed to help stop the spread of HIV. There is no bug spray to stop mosquitoes from spreading it.


Image of a mosquito coil (insect repellent) by مانفی (Own work)

I guess these little packets could also be called PAK’s (Pro Anti-abortion Kits). They should be in churches too.

In the area there are roaming testing vans that now go to various locations like in front of gay bars to promote their health authority sanctioned cult of “getting tested”. They call themselves Get Tested Coachella Valley. They are the ones that put these things out there. I’m pretty sure they use tax payer $ to pay for these and all the related expenses.

Some think they are the ones that should get tested, on how HIV is a lie. I doubt they regularly test for this.

I see what they do as being a trap.

They remind me cults, extremist churches, and used car salesmen.

In a way the whole thing of getting tested and following their beliefs is like those fag bashers that come to gay events to protest saying everyone who parades around are all going to hell. It’s like these testing places claim that we are all going to hell if we don’t accept their form of redemption if we test “positive”.

It’s like the testing cult is telling us that testing is the Savior and to worship the gay sex Gods you must follow the HIV Bible.

It’s the exact same kind of scheme, and it’s equally hypocritical and contradictory to common sense logic.

Interpretation of blood tests for the false claim that one virus is lurking that can kill is like interpreting the Bible, it’s pretty much all over the place.

Blood tests for HIV really only find antibodies and they are not specific.

Specificity is important. It’s like telling someone to get you something and you say to them “get me something” and expecting them to bring back exactly what you wanted. If you were specific, they would have done it.

HI virus tests do not specify exactly what they are finding. They just say “Yup, antibodies are there” yet antibodies are always there.

HIV cults are the ones that have infected the world with their absurd claims and push to get tested.

Testing is against my religion!

It’s a trap.


Testing needs to stop.  Go test less.