CMS stands for Content Management System.

It’s referred to it by this acronym quite often.

Web developers have encountered this acronym countless times, we could say they have been exposed to it.

WordPress is another CMS but it’s not called that.

We have been exposed to WordPress many times in/our online travels but we often don’t know it.

Thing is CMS is the more generalized label, the broader category.

HIV is like CMS, it’s a broader category.

So what specifically is this HIV/CMS doing?

WordPress has special attributes, functions, the way it works, it’s a CMS.

So if we test for CMS and test positive, are we finding WordPress?

No. Maybe. Yes. Who the fuck knows!

It could be Drupal. It could be Joomla. It could be Serendipity. It could be MODx. It could be e107. It could be PHP-fusion. There are hundreds more!

Starting to see a pattern here in naming things?

It’s like the web developer is being told that if you don’t test your website for CMS the website could be infected with CMS and die, after all, everyone knows WordPress kills other Content Management Systems so you need to be protected.

So let’s say the test is positive for CMS, that tells us that it’s a Content Management System, it does not tell us if it’s WordPress.

Similarly when one tests for HIV and it comes out positive, it merely indicated antibodies, which basically every computer stream has in it’s system.

Testing for broad categories is completely stupid, or brilliant.

It’s brilliant for those who are calculating $um$.

The other thing/is that THE/CMS called WordPress is not referred to as a CMS very often, it’s called a blog.

So like with HIV where that describes a massively large category when we test for that we are just finding content management systems.

It can not find which blog we are using to report this.

A nice way to handle such results in widely used general category testing is to use CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

Content Management System defined