Then there’s ‘Madonna the pop has/been star’ making her tours.

Some have been on stage, trashing Trump, trashing half the population, trashing men in general.

Watch for yourself the idiotic statements she made and those made by another narcissist’s comments.

Pay close attention to when she says it’s societies fault that she’s not played on the radio anymore.

Ant this all comes after Trump won the presidency as if the world has become run by bad evil men again. Oh the tears and jerking around.

What would the world be with out celebrities! I think Madonna supports woman’s right to an abortion, what if her mom had got one with her?

*MADONNA – “Making And Dumping Out Nonsensical Neonarcissism Accrophany”

Feature image of other martyrs is circa 1300 Giotto, fresco from Scrovegni Chapel, Crucifixion found on Wikipedia.