The Boy Scouts has decided by policy to allow transgendered boys into it’s ranks.***

Thus Gaysexuals, Transexuals, Questioningsexuals, and Humansexuals are all allowed in as long as they follow the guidelines for being a good Scout.

What’s odd though is now we have bans temporary restrictions on some Muslims appearing across the country of the United Divided States while we have others saying that it’s time for churches to boycott the Boy Scouts of America when it’s clear that is not the trend of the courts that FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION and protect the equal human rights of people whatever their gender is or is made to be.

So much fun watching the action.

I wonder if these nutjobs would have the same problem with someone who was translimbed.*

* Translimbed is someone who feels their foot should be where their hand is. This usually affects religious zealouts who are more often than not sticking their foots in their mouths figuratively who feel that it’s morally right to be correct in how they express their limbness but won’t have the limb change operation because they feel that it’s morally wrong to change their bodies even though they routinely let doctors do that to their baby boy’s cocks with circumcision.

** The H in LGBTQH stands for Human. We really should add IV as well for Instersexual, and Volumizedsexuals lest we leave out Intersexuals and Volumizedsexuals out.

*** I’m assuming they are allowing in transforeskined boys into their ranks. Transforeskined boys are ones that have cocks that are not what they were born with, having had part of it hacked off in a hospital at birth.

Feature image of Boy Scouts in 1917 where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the first sponsor of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and today as of 2016 anyway contributes the most Scouts of any chartered organization. Author Utah State Historical Society and is in the public domain.