Trying to make sense of medical terminology is like trying to make sense of the flat earth theory and the conspiracy think that man never LOTM (Landed On The Moon) but let’s look at what CPANEL says about things that are RETRO.

As we notice in the image on the left it is a current version that is widely used. The one on the right is a RETRO version. They look different but mostly function the exact same way.



Things that look different can act the same way?

So what you are telling me is that a virus that was created in the 1980’s that is constantly mutating can look different than one that is made in the 2017’s?

That means that the test kit that was made in 1999 and designed to find viruses that look a certain way cannot recognize one that looks another way correct?

Or is it that these test kits find how they act?


I just said “good question” FYI.

HIV is said to be a retrovirus.

It’s also said to be a virus, that’s just because it’s easier to say and a retrovirus is a subset of the broader term virus.

Technically the label should then, to be more precise, be HIR.

Even better would be to use HIDR (Human Immune Deficiency Retrovirus) as it’s also said to hide.

So does that trap of a test kit actually determine how the thing acts? Let’s say it does, then what does it matter how it looks?

There can be 500 changes in how CPANEL looks over the years, and then many of those are RETRO, all acting the same way.

Then again, there can be changes where the CPANEL looks the same yet acts a different way.

Oh there goes that  monkey throwing wrenches into everything again.

Monkey see monkey figure out things better than doctors and $ientists.

Apparently the tests look for how they look, basically finding a glass with liquid in it.

The tests find antibodies in the most general of shapes. They can be from a flu, a cold, an infection of a zillion kinds or HIV.

They are not precise. They are no more precise than satellite imagery finding a drink. What’s in the drink is a whole different story.

What the drink does and how it gets anywhere is like creating a blockbuster Hollywood film, the devil’s in the details, the processes of figuring all that out is not at all possibly by simply looking at the glass.

Antibodies, what the test finds, are like what we see here.


Testing by appearance does not tell us if there’s a sexual proclivity drug in any of them.

Thus one way to avoid rape is by not drinking from glasses and one way to avoid confusion is to not necessarily believe that a picture is worth 3 words – Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Feature image of 3 glass with something in them is in the public domain as shown here

CPANEL snapshot of a way to “change style” found under “preferences” from a standard website administration area.