The news at NBC 4 New York showed a rally where the TBGL/PB community is ‘pushing back’ against the new president’s executive orders on immigration policy. They are most often referred to as bans yet that’s erroneous, though I don’t expect the QWERTY community to ever make the correction or the connection.

TBGL – Trans, Bi, Gay, Lez

PB – Push Back

The rainbow flag was waved. I find this offensive.

The rainbow flag represents at it’s core INCLUSION. What are they doing at this rally? EXCLUSION. They don’t want Trump as their president.

Time to burn the rainbow flag. It’s become meaning/less. Or we could say that it’s become a symbol of exclusion, hate, and bigotry so again, we must burn it.

Here we see how to do that very thing. Notice they call it a gay pride flag not an XPZTUVTWIT flag.

Then there’s this version that the guy says he’s burning it because of the harassment and stalkers.

This is what the constitution stands for, the freedom of expression. PLQT harassers and stalkers don’t typically like such freedoms though they demand it for themselves while city ordinance might not support the flames alleged rights to freely express it’s toxic fumes, life goes on, snow melts, and rainbows keep appearing without flags.

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