It seems that resurrects the myth that myths are not myths and that they and most people are clueless about human behavior and sexual ITY.

In the article they slam Milo’s free speech, stating:

“……video footage of Yiannopoulos defending the idea of “13 year olds” having sex with “older men,” referencing his own story that he benefited from a priest molesting him when he was a teenager.”

They claim that this is resurrecting an old myth of GLTB/QWERTYS being “sexual deviants” and all that crap, and oh how this free speech ruins everything or something like setting the QWERTY rights movement back 100 years.

A “deviant” is someone who rejects social norms.

We can list a billion people who fit into this category, including many GLBT’s. For example, deviants paraded around every day with tattoos in the 1980’s before it was more of a norm. Now it’s a norm. They are no longer deviants.

Deviants who fight for gay marriage which wasn’t the norm, freely deviated from norms to make gay marriage a norm. Gay marriage was deviant, now it’s not.

Norm, a friend of mine deviated from the norm of going online for his mail, he became a deviant because he was not accessing the internet which is the norm these days. He reported back to me how pleasurable it was the next week.

The lesbian is a deviant because he/she does not follow “the norm” of sexual behavior, as most people, like 92% in the world practice hetero, not homo sexuality. LGBTQsexuality is not the norm, it’s deviant behavior.

So as we look at this series of letters crunched together and used certain ways, really this term “deviant” is used “stupidly” as all homosexuals are deviants because they are not the norm.

So are rare coins, they are deviants.

So is that 1919 classic car that appeared on Jay Lenno’s Garage that’s worth over a million $, it’s not the norm, it’s a deviant.

Deviants are not defective. Deviants are not evil.

Deviation is also a new wave punk rock album.

In reality, Milo’s deviant behavior or that of the priest he claims he had sex with in the past as a teenager was by all appearances _________ if indeed the situation was real and not make believe as all parties directly involved were positively affected.

Note what Wikipedia states:

Positive deviance (PD) is an approach to behavioral and social change based on the observation that in any community there are people whose uncommon but successful behaviors or strategies enable them to find better solutions to a problem than their peers, despite facing similar challenges and having no extra resources or knowledge than their peers. These individuals are referred to as positive deviants.[1][2][3]

The Power of Positive Deviance is a book. This book is a deviant. It’s not the norm of books.

The early-ist wheels as seen above were deviants of the norm we now have everywhere on cars. We learned a lot from deviant round object and the deviant engineers that created them who sometimes are not the norm, but rather, are deviants. During that time a rubber tire was a deviant.

The term LGBT is deviant in and of itself.

Feature image of wheel created March 1, 2013 by John O’Neill and is in the public domain