So this guy comes up with a new life saving coffee cup lid. Life saving because it’s supposed to help rid the world of “disease carrying” flies.

So clearly this will cut the incidence of HIV infection because as we all know viruses are stupid things that get carried by wind and bugs like flies on shit that has HIV in it.

Vectors are flies, mosquitoes, and insects that “carry disease”.

No insect really carries a disease, they carry things that allegedly are proven to cause disease, for example a virus. There is no particular quality about a fly or a mosquito that keeps it from carrying any given virus, unless maybe they need a signature and can’t deliver it without one.

So next time you swat a fly or mosquito with your hand, a swatter, or entomb a fly in one of these plastic lid designed cups, you can feel good that you have stopped the spread of HIV – Humanly Infectious Vectors.

Here is a video of how this coffee cup lid can stop HIV from spreading.

“Hey let’s spread chemical poisons around to make people healthy!”

Feature image is a snapshot of the website on February 25, 2017