SMS is the acronym (as if we don’t have enough of them) for Short Message Service. It’s a STANDARDIZED protocol for texting.

If we didn’t have a standardized method of texting, we’d all be using our typewriters, paper and quills, doves, and yodles to send short messages.

Standardization is not a part of HI VIRUS testing protocols when we look at the world.

Now if we use unstandardized protocols to send messages, you might say that standardization is not important as we can show how we use a typewriter or a quill pen and get the same message sent. Oh but we are using standardization. The standard is using one language.

In HI virus world testing there is no standard. It’s like trying to determine if the skyscraper to be built will be done using metric or or ancient Mesopotamian units of measurement like the Royal Gur and barleycorns or using King Henry the 1st’s yardstick which was a measure of how far his dog could run to one end of his yard to the other while chasing a cat. See how far you get building the Trump/Mexico/Wall using these measurements that are as precise as HIV testing.


Yet the religious belief system remains that A Virus That Causes Many Diseases That Have Different Other Causes As Well (AVTCMDTHDOCAW) can be found and discussed and understood and treated using these non-standardized protocols of measure which actually never even find virus, they only find the critters that respond to viruses, non-specific to boot.

In other words, what we have in testing is a method to determine that somewhere in the BODY of the United States that there are criminals. It’s like they expect us to believe that by using non-standardized methods of “determinations” such as the broad allegation that there are criminals and that we need to have police in place who have guns to “solve the problem” that it’s fixed.

The THI’s (Test Hallelujia Illusionists) have got most of the world to believe their relgious belief system. That’s what is there, religious beliefs.

HIV is a religious belief system that uses ancient ideas with the threat of death if you don’t subscribe to it, just like most religions of the world do.

Send a text to your friends about HIV/SMS and see what happens. Just like trying to get people to understand that no God would be Holocaust enough to send all his children to Hitler’s Hell, you are likely to not get that message through to them even though they hear it, because they are stuck using ancient methods of understanding viruses.

History of length measurement

Feature image of ancient telephone keypad is derivative work by: Marnanel (Image:Telephone-keypad.svg: Silsor) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of the Royal Gur of Akkad ancient system of measurement by Gurdjieff at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons