Fake news is in the news a lot lately. Even governments like Germany are taking action, making it illegal.

Too bad the fake news about HIV was never handled this way.

How does one determine what is fake? Who makes the determination?

Is something fake because a majority of people believe it?

There was a story about a boy being swept up in a home balloon some years back.

The story was fake when it was told by the father to the news. When the news told the story it wasn’t fake though. They thought it was real. When the public’s eyes were glued to CNN and other news outlets for hours as the story was being reported everyone thought it was real. It was not fake news when grandma was telling the story to her neighbor.

How can something be fake and not be fake at the same time!

If everyone believes something to be real, it’s real, until it can be proven to be unreal.

Flat earth was proven to be unreal by one person, but everyone else on the planet thought that was fake news.

Actually most people at the time believed the world was round, it’s today’s people that believe the fake news story that states that people back then thought the world was flat until Columbus sailed.

This of course brings us to the fake news story that various diseases can all be blamed on one virus, a virus that no test actually finds, that is said to be transmittable by dicks and knitting needles and syringe needles. Fake news as such is easily proven false, as if a sub-microscopic thing can travel on a syringe attached to a plastic tube, it can travel on a syringe attached to an insect, thus if HIV were real, we would all be getting it from mosquitoes.

Try telling this simple fact to anyone that believes fake news. You won’t get far.

People believe what they want to believe.

This story is fake.

If you doubt me, prove me wrong.

Feature image of A “lunar animal” said to have been discovered by John Herschel on the Moon
Deutsch: Vespertilio homo (Fledermausmensch aus der italienischen Ausgabe der Mond-Ente: Delle Scoperte Fatte Nella Luna del Dottor Giovanni Herschel.) English: Portrait of a man-bat (Vespertilio-homo), from an edition of the moon series published in Naples. (Courtesy of the New York Public Library.)