I am proposing a new House Bill to force people to have the same parents they had when they were born to coincide with the bill in North Carolina that wants to force people to use bathrooms they used when they were born in light of news that North Carolina repealed a lot of HB2 after seeing so much money leave the state when they put that in place originally and people and corporations boycotted.

The thing is, when we listen to our supposed LGBT representatives talk to the press, they whine about it being all wrong, that we have 4 more years of this crap, and all the same old LGBT distortions, while at least one news group reported some of the facts without the drama, NPR which stated:

According to Moore and Berger, the bill leaves regulation of “multi-occupancy facilities to the state,” and puts in place a “temporary moratorium on local ordinances similar to Charlotte’s until December 1, 2020 to allow federal litigation to play out.”

To allow federal litigation play out.

See, the drama LGBT’s don’t emphasize this but it’s very important to understand the problems with a state and it’s legal liabilities if it were to repeal it entirely.

Federal litigation once completed sets the precedent for States to follow and governors and representatives of those states to then relax, knowing exactly where the issue stands on that higher level of governing. It’s a bit like what happened with GAY marriage (notice it’s not LGBT marriage) where the states had their reasons to not make changes until there was a federal ruling.

If a state that’s very conservative chooses to go all out and let the liberal position be in place, before they know that precedent, if it were to not be set in favor of the liberal view, there could be lawsuits a flying everywhere regarding if a decision was made to protect fully transgendered individuals. Lawsuits from businesses that would then claim the state misled them, forcing them to remodel bathrooms, or add new ones, and all sorts of things. The state also doesn’t want the cities to “do their own thing” which is why they blocked the cities for 4 years while it plays out. It’s about protecting everyone from legal harm as this gets resolved in higher courts.

So on to my proposed bill HB2-2:

There will be no confusion about a change in parent’s bodies. A provision of the bill will also force people to live in the same house they were born with and automobile they were born with as to not offend anyone who would not like seeing a change in their auto bodies. This would be a particularly offensive situation having an offensive auto body showing up in the parking lot of the Beverly Hilton.

Also added to the bill is a provision removing the requirement for people to visit hairstylists based on their gender, making it so that a man only can go to a barber, and a woman going to a salon. Men in women’s salons causes confusion, offends, and is dangerous.

Also of note, mothers used to freely bring their small boys in the woman’s bathroom when they had to pee, choosing rather than letting the small boy in the men’s room alone with those of same gender because “that’s what’s safer” as the law puts it, choosing to violate the law and do what they thought was best for the child. Daddies also took their little girls to the men’s room, which is against the law with HB2, a serious violation at that. This new version will be rigorously enforced. HB2-2 adds more tax payer funding for more bathroom police first positioned at Targets, then expanded elsewhere.

It does not matter that North Carolina will lose billions if they keep these bathroom laws in place, libtards are idiots. Funding for these bathroom police that will throw mommies and daddies in jail will come from federal grants which comes in great part from populated and richer states such as California.

All this thanks to the ultra libtartive Bepublican party, always looking out for you, your body parts, and auto parts.


Image of a body part that may have not been original. This car which may be female or male, is not prevented from visiting whatever body shop it wants where it may have it’s outer covers removed, exposing itself to both men and women which some say is dangerous. Photo also illustrates the rear quarter panel which can be changed as can minds, and was created by User:Interiot – Self-captured, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1496817