Ink is a funny thing. It can be used one way for good, it can be used another way for art, and yet another to induce confusion and clarity.

Then there’s pixels. They are causing universal warming.

Today let’s use them to do something to rid the world of viral concepts in understanding things inaccurately.

Life is a lot like an ink blot, it goes all over the place. In life we are dealing with a diverse set of idea sets. We interact with a host of governing conceptual interwoven publishments.

In convincing others of something, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, it has to be convincing.

Take for example a used car purchase. They are basically just transportation devices, but a saleshuman could get you to buy one that titilates you somehow, by it’s color, it’s shape, it’s accessory.

Some shapes are big, some are stylish, some are small.

In the war on AIDS shaping the perception of the public has made us all visualize something that unlike a used car, we cannot see. No one has actually seen an an AIDS virus. All we have ever seen is what is claimed to be such, and in all reality, all we have seen is a SLICE of it.

Scanning electron microscopy merely grabbed a slice. Try to imagine your favorite automobile design, the one you would love to have in your driveway, now try to imagine a slice right down the middle to the right by a foot, and angled, and back about 2 feet, a slize that is 1 millimeter wide. What would that look like? Would it look like a car of your dreams? Not likely.

This is what we have with HIV – a slice of a “virus” and claims that it’s a muscle car on steroids and is a transformer and has a movie career. How can one tell that it’s such a thing? You can’t follow the slice everywhere it goes.

All HIV claims at the foundation of this mess were made based on this slice and dice.

They are rediculous assertions that were made, but because of activism, became belief systems, like those of religions, saying to do this or that to avoid HIV/SATAN.

Try to tell those who created this visual interpretation of horror to do what would then make perfect sense, remove the carriers when possible and test the carriers.

Oh they test the carriers called men with dicks in hand, but they don’t test mosquitoes.


Tell them to blast the mosquitoes (flying dirty shared needles) and they scream at you how wrong you are. How can people be so ignorant. They claim I am ignorant “HIV cannot be caught from mosquitoes, the virus is too heavy” they say.

OMG how stupid can one be regarding this one subject. Viruses are minuscule and are everywhere.

People can be very smart about 100,000 other things, but be stupid on HIV. They think it can be carried only by private parts and not by public ones.

Or are they not stupid, but rather just CONVINCED.

It was interesting to read this following Google news snippet:


The gay activism of the 1970’s and particularly in the 1980’s (it was not called LGBTQWERTY activism then) was successful in it’s activism regarding HIV regardless of how stupid the theory is, because it effectively convinced others of their views.

Their views came from two key sources, US government (well sorta, Centers for Disease Control is not exactly government), a corrupt scientist named Robert Gallo (convicted of fraud), and a media hysterica campaign that was fueled by stupid celebrities like Liz Taylor and Elton John, stupid in this subject, not many others. Then again, maybe they too were just convinced and are not stupid at all.

It doesn’t matter to success that one’s views are incorrect, success measures those views on adoption. It happened with the flat earth concept, actually, that flat earth thing is funny, people didn’t believe the world was flat in Columbus day, all you had to do was look in the sky and notice that, it’s today’s people that believe that they believed it was flat.

HIV is a joke, it’s a fantasy, it’s a lie, it’s a slice of imagery made into a monster because it looks like one just like someone can see a monster in an ink blot.

Google news snipped April 5, 2017.

Feature image is Rorschach ink blot 1921 By Hermann Rorschach (died 1922) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons