As the country is being “united” by Trump (rofl) passengers are gettin dragged off planes for not complying with the rules.

Libtards will blame Trump for this too. Hitler Air they cry!

The man was dragged off the plane for not complying with their request, then demand, that he give up his seat. It is part of the rules for any airline that overbooks or simply makes a mistake in booking flights, the crews take a priority and the crew for another flight needed that seat.

So at first as with 99.99999% of those who saw the video, i felt sorry for the guy, was appalled, and felt United Airlines was to blame.

I have since changed my feelings, there are rules, if the guy was told to get off the plane he should get off the fucking plane.

If authorities say he has to get off the plane because his seat was found to be unsafe by the previous crew, and they made a mistake by letting him on the plane as they just learned about this safety matter, he also should get off the fucking plane because its not his fucking plane to decide whether he has a right to be on it or not but i think that would have prompted the same response from him.

If he had an issue with it he could have later complained, wrote to aviation authorities, wrote to the city of Chicago, called his congress man, and filed a lawsuit, but no, he was a fucking prick, while others followed the rules, he was a fucking prick so he got dragged off.

And now of course it’s a “poor me” cry for a million dollars. Fuck the guy, they should have just shot him. LOL

(that is a fucking joke)

So what i find facinating is that it’s not United airlines that is to blame, indeed, it is not their fault.[1]

But they will be blamed by the public forever for this, because that’s what sticks.

It’s exactly like how “HIV is at fault” stuck in the mind, “United is at fault” will continue to stick in the mind.

[1] The letter also seeks to direct some of the blame away from United (ual, -1.23%). “This occurred on one of our contracted Express carriers, separately owned and operated by Republic Airline, and was ultimately caused by the grossly inappropriate response by the Chicago Department of Aviation,” it says. “No United employees were involved in the physical altercation.”

Feature image of intersecting planes By David Eppstein – Own work, Public Domain,