No more clouds and rain coming from that TV/BOX where we used to hear rants from Bill O’Reilly on FOX/NEWS, only rainbows.

Well not exactly, but for now the vocal giddyites are extatic, parading around like they are at Mardi Gras throwing their underwear to the crowd.

So now with the firing of Bill O’Reilly, when we watch T/V there will be nothing but sunshine and Teletubbies.

No more nasty/speak. No more shouting. No more offensive behavior. No more prejudice. No more fighting.

Just like how it is when people are all drugged up on pain killers.

Sorta like an old folks home.

Just how we want the planet.


Feature image of rainbow which will never appear again because when Earth fires storms for being too harsh they no longer appear, nor does the rain that makes them, nor does the flowers in spring appear anymore, all because storms are politically incorrect in our new libtardastic society.