The Pow Wow Virus.

Actually that was supposed to read the Powassan Virus which is the latest fake news story to scare you to your knees praying to your doctor and government health expert who never lies, misleads, or hacks off body parts off babies penises, or gets anything ever wrong because they are God.

They sayyyyyyy that it’s a tick borne disease and is deadly! Far deadlier than lyme disease.

Let’s see, someone is dead from lyme and someone is dead from powassan, dead is dead.

Hey I completely forgot about ticks. They spread HIV just like they spread butter and limes.

Gotta keep those presses printing and in 2017 that now includes those bits and computer bytes that are deadly.

So the POWASSAN virus is “a species of virus”.

Let’s see species take train. Train travels, species gets off train, buys ticket and gets a soda. Walks over to back yard barbque and infects a gathering.

Species does not travel by tick because it’s 7 billions times the size.

Species is a giraffe.

Other species can travel on train AND tick.

It’s small.

HIV species and Powassan species are same size.

They both travel by train and mosquito and tick.

Hey there’s spot.

He’s running the fuck away from the medical community.

Feature image is a snapshot of Wikipedia page on Powassan virus which is like the Smith human and Doe human.