Hooray! Trump’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that has been for a long time INFECTED with swamp science pushers on it’s advisory panel, has now dismissed them, sent them on their way.


LIB/TARDS are in a tizzy.

Apple and Walmart will continue their wacky policies.

Swamp news outlets continue to erroneously call it a “war on science”.

This is not war, it’s house cleaning, it’s hauling out all the dead rats and trash that LIB/TARDS in politics piled up in the EPA with garbage science called “climate change policy”.

Now if Trump could clean out the trash in the NIH and CDC we’d be seeing something great.

Remove those like the head, Anthony Fauci, who keep pushing the retarded claim that viruses have tickets and carriers have nuclear vetting policies checking those tickets before travel.

Oh that’s so much tougher. If he does it, I would be impressed.

Google News image snapshot 5/8/2017 at about 8:14am pacific time.

Feature image of nuclear weapons test found at Pexels.com – notice how it doesn’t destroy the beach yet it looks so similar to other images we have seen of such devices