P – Public

P – Private

Obama states now, 2017, that the Private sector is key to tackling climate change.

Obama stated in 2008, that Public sector (government) was key to tackling climate change and repeated that during his 8 years.


In Star Trek a “sector” is a fictional galactic quadrant.

Note this area of space as are all areas of space that stretch for zillions of billions of trillions of ocotillions of LGBTQillions of miles is 456 degrees below zero farenheit, and yet we continue to see people on the space virus called Earth think they can control their climate.

ROFL (that laugh was from an alien)

Featured image of a sector of space that doesn’t have to deal with lunacy by the guys who brought you the fake moon landing, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is in the public domain.