In the old days when something went wrong, people would comfort each other, pat on back, offer a nice dinner, and encourage someone to just pull them selves back up by the bootstraps whatever the fuck those are.

Today when someone gets a hangnail or stups their toe, a GOFUNDME page is created.

Here’s one where a gal was “traumatized” when her ex boyfriend set himself on fire, live broadcast it on a social website video stream, where he died.

“She needs trama care” now so someone set up a page to fund her recovery process. She just won $27,129 already.

I bet she’s glad she went to that bar instead of The Price Is Right.

So $27,129 and surely more will go to a woman who is self employed, has no medical problems from what we know, has friends and family, a car, sex, HBO while another homeless person eats from the garbage can and then dies.

I watched this same crap happen in the IV mess. Most of the “go fund meish” dollars in that situation come from taxpayers and rich donor trust funds and are going to investors in condom stocks and drug stocks, doctors, scientists, while others go to those who run organizations that organize organizing funding for AIDS victims.

They never want to hear the truth about AIDS. There isn’t an AIDS virus, there’s an everything virus.

It’s HEV.

Everything is caused by a virus and everything carries it because everything is bigger and stronger than a virus so it can pick it up.

Picture Popeye with his can of spinach. HIV is the can, Popeye is the carrier. Popeye has no problem picking it up.

Do you still not understand?

The dousing of kerosene on that guy, and the dousing of gasoline and nuclear fuel on the VCES (Virus Causes Everything Syndrome) people suffer from has burnt up a lot of energy.

We should convert to wind with all the hot air blowing.

Feature image By Michael Francis McCarthy –, CC BY 2.0,