The head line reads that a kid redooz gummi bears to make them healthy and becomes a millionaire.[3]

Ok I’ll bite. So they don’t have any evil sugar.

Ok let’s read on. They have stevia. Ewwwwwww.

Stevia is the latest buzz. They claim it’s better than sugar because it is natural because it comes from a plant.

Well duh. So does sugar. Anything sweet comes from a plant.

Sugars are used by plants for energy by plants and humans. They are necessary for life.

So this stevia is supposed to be healthy? Why? We can no longer say “because it’s from a plant and is natural” because now we know that sugar is from a plant too.

“Oh it’s better” the hucksters will tell us and our delusional “easily influenced by media” friends with no training in nutrition will tell us.

Stevia is a plant. It stores sugar like all plants. They extract it like they do with all plants for sugar. It is concentrated sugar. Or is it?

I tasted the stuff in something a few times. I can’t stand the taste. There is something funny about that stuff. There is an after taste that reminds me of other artificial sweeteners.

Stevia has 150 times the sweetness of sugar. That doesn’t sound very natural. So do cyclamates, saccharin, Equal, all of those artificial sweeteners. They all have high concentrations of sugar.

Stevia is processed. Because it’s processed it’s a chemical formulation not natural. It is a glycoside.

Glycosides are molecules that contain glucose residues bound to other non-sugar substances called aglycones.[1]

Bound to other non-sugar substances???? Eeek! What are aglycones? Don’t sound natural to me!!!

An aglycone, or aglycon,[1] is the compound remaining after the glycosyl group on a glycoside is replaced by a hydrogen atom. For example, the aglycone of a cardiac glycoside would be a steroid molecule. Classes of phytochemicals found in the aglycone and glycosides forms : Polyphenols [2]

Sure is sounding a lot like chemical additives!

Steviol cannot be further digested in the digestive tract and is taken up into the bloodstream, metabolised by the liver to steviol glucuronide, and excreted in the urine.[29]

So the liver has to process stevia as a chemical. Nothing like taxing the liver!

Sugar is sounding better every day.

Feature image By Flyingbikie (Robert Lynch, Melbourne/Australia) [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

CImage of sugar crystals said by many to be evil By Editor at Large (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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