The Times Square madman driver incident reminds me of HIV, it’s hard to get anyone to look at it closely because I mean like it’s obvious, it’s been reported on TV news and everything on TV news is real, like HIV.

When we dissect (remember doing that in science class or did you pass out) it though we start finding too many oddities, things that don’t add up.

For example, a fat dude is hit, loses a shoe where it’s no where in sight, then we see him wearing it. Oh wait, he lost both shoes, then we see him wearing both again. Now what are the odds?

Ok, maybe some bystander was video taping the event and saw where it or both landed.

But how do we explain the stunt man safety vest he is obviously wearing? Take a look at his t-shirt. There is a definite outline of a protective vest used by stuntmen.

They do say where protection now don’t they.

I’m gay that he was able to retrieve both shoes.

Feature image from Ananconda Malt Liquor critique video