The Advocate gay rag has a long history of proudly supporting the wacked out claim that there is a virus lurking in semen that cannot be transmitted by flying dirty needles, only ones that are handy, and by your cock, and The Advocate (gay rag) has been a long-standing-voice in the gay community which influenced politicians, professionals in health and disease services, and philanthropy.

They are amongst many who I blame for ignoring, or simply being too stupid, to get that HIV is a lie.

The rag is hopelessly lost in the divisive political system, always bashing Republicans and ignoring logic.

So it was not a surprise to read the following which was seen on Google News on May 24, 2017

What a stupid headline.

Or it’s brilliant.

It’s really brilliant, just like the stunts Trump, politicians in general, and all hucksters that want your attention pull, this headline draws in viewers.

It doesn’t make any sense though.

Trump is a billionaire. You don’t get to there by being “Dumb as Rocks”.

You also don’t get to be President of the United States being “Dumb as Rocks”.

Then again, maybe what they are inferring, is that rocks are rather smart.

They are smarter than people who get tested for HIV. They just sit there.

They don’t follow the Test Brick Road to nowhere.

Feature image of Charlie Brown in the famous scene where he was tricked into thinking he was getting candy