I use acronyms because common sense dictates that since it’s used all the time to give old things new meanings and I am presenting a new meaning regarding China trade relations and with concepts in immunity and other political discussions. It’s acceptable and a standard.

For example, HIV is a whole new thing that supposedly stands for one thing. What it’s supposed to describe is immune deficiency virus. My bad, that’s supposed to be Immuneieio Deficiency Virus (IDV) wait that’s wrong too, it’s supposed to stand for Immuneieiosupercalifragilisticexpialidociousdeficiency Virus (IV) oh wait that’s not right either, it’s supposed to stand for Human Immuneieoodeficiency Virus (HIV).

HIV has one cause, they say, not me, yet immune deficiency has and always had multiple causes (said by all medical textbooks).

Yet even that claim they use is false “HIV has one cause” which is like saying the cause is the cause because HIV is the cause, you can’t have the cause cause the cause because the cause cannot cause the cause.

The acronym is misleading. It’s the same thing yet different.

Which takes us here – confusion/fear.

Confusion with fear is a well studied technique used to get you to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy. They did this to the world, latching onto a concept that makes no sense, while selling you “Get tested” with tests that are like telling an alien they need to take a test to find out if there is space debris surrounding Earth as you ask what the fuck happened to his space craft.

“It was the debris the alien” said while the HIV scientist said it was the virus.

Same thing.

Feature image The Arecibo message as sent 1974 from the Arecibo Observatory. Le message Arecibo, envoyé en 1974 depuis l’Observatoire Arecibo. Das Arecibo-Signal, das im Jahr 1974 vom Arecibo Observatorium gesendet wurde. El mensaje de Arecibo enviado en 1974 desde el Observatorio de Arecibo. By Arne Nordmann (norro) – Own drawing, 2005, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=365130

فارسی: پیام آرسیبو پیامی بود که در تاریخ ۱۶ نوامبر ۱۹۷۴ در شهر پورتو ریکو، در مراسمی به مناسبت بازسازی مجدد تلسکوپ آرسیبو، به تعداد یک بار و از طریق امواج رادیویی فرکانس ماژوله‌شده، به فضا مخابره شد.