Peacocks transmitting viruses!

Mite be.

“Mites are said to be transmitting viruses to bee colonies” as if this is news.

WELL/DUH, viruses are tiny critters, 1 one trillionth the size of a mite. Mites have eaten their spinach and can carry them.

They are strong enough to carry HIV too.

Humans are stronger though, they have no problem lifting them up, throwing them, or catching them but these little critters sure have a way with viruses.

Mite the mite be overlooked as a radio and HIV transmitter?

Da scientist he will say, “The mite produces an enzyme that kills HIV” without ever showing us the enzyme in action.

Enzymes are in oxygen containing detergent. Oxygen is the enzyme. Humans breathe in oxygen.

Look ma, I killed HIV with an enzyme!

Protease is an enzyme.

See raw soy milk kill.

“Raw soybeans are toxic to many animals, including humans, until the protease inhibitors they contain have been denatured.” [1]

Google news snapshot May 28, 2017

Feature image of peacock mite is in the public domain

Tuckerella sp.

English: The Peacock mite, a beautiful but important pest on citrus in the tropics, shown here on a tea stem. Magnified 260X (with a low-temp scanning electron microscope). (LTSEM) Plate # 27487. Courtesy, Erbe, Pooley: USDA, ARS, EMU. “All of the micrographs on the web site are in the public domain and can be freely used.” –Christopher Pooley. Reference: English Wikipedia, original upload 23 March 2005 by Brian0918
Français : Tuckerella sp., un acarien attaquant les agrumes. Image obtenue en microscopie électronique à balayage à basse température.