Bureau of Land Management (federal program) budget is being trimmed by the new prez.

The horse-management budget has gone from $36 million in 2008 to $80.6 million in 2017. Trump’s budget 2018 proposes trimming $10 million from that. The cuts will be covered, however, by removing limits on horse sales, with the aim of making money and lowering overall maintenance costs.

I can agree with this cut.

Speaking of cuts, Hollywood enthusiasts, are spending money and energy on saving, yet again, the airport hangar used in Casablanca.

Funny how we can never solve homelessness but we can always get people who are doing well multiple homes, tax savings, and of course, a wealth of memories and nostalgia at whatever cost.

God forbid we tear down the hangar used in a movie we adore.

Of course it’s fine to tear down homeless camps. Did they save that bottle? What about the light bulbs?

Feature image is of what is referred to as “The President’s House” and is from the Library of Congress and is in the public domain.

Webshot from redlandsdailyfacts.com