Fascinating, Kathy Griffith the comedienne, as I am sure you have already heard/seen posted a beheaded Trump bloody head her holding it.**


She also thought it was funny.

In some ways it is. Would have been better though had there been an event that would have put it in better comedic context.

So surprisingly the internet threw up on her and she sincerely apologized, took the image down though it’s all over the internet still and forever will be.

Apologized. Hmm. For what? Exercising her Constitutional right do do what she did? Exorcising her free speech that offends? Oh, she “apologized for offending people”. What? Wasn’t that the point?

It’s odd, she’s one of many who throw political correctness down the toilet, now she’s pulling it out. If there’s one person that was a sanctuary of not being politically correct it had seemed to be her.

When I saw this display I found it disgusting yet I support it and am now terribly offended that she would cave.

The whole stunt brings attention to some things.

This also puts her in the category of someone who’s NOT going to do whatever it takes to support and promote how deep our freedom of speech can go.

What she did is a textbook example of why it’s great to be in the USA. What she did is an honor of all who died in wars to protect our freedom of expression.

Same with burning the flag, no one should apologize, though they have that right too since it too is an expression of our right to almost infinite free speech protections.

So in essence the whole thing presents yet again how great this country is.

The other thing that is absolutely fabulous about what she did and she surely doesn’t realize it, is that the shock value it presented has reigned in some of Trump’s worst critics.

The horror of the image is so strong that many of those who are constantly “bashing Trump over a head with their hammer of words and actions” are taken aback and thus in response thinking a bit more humanely of the president. Some of those who hate him so much they entertain thoughts of how nice it would be if he were killed or beheaded are so tremendously horrified with the image that it pulls those thoughts back. It’s brilliant. It’s a perfect example of why freedom of speech works.

Who has done that with political discussion? No one. Just Kathy Griffin! Bravo! Heil art!

It’s also funny that Kathy is one of the biggest loud mouths against political correctness yet she fell into the pit of it. Hahahahahahaha.

She makes me laugh.

**image of beheading is posted further below as a politically email correct thing to do so as to not offend by placing it up high near text in case you are offended seeing it.










Feature image of Hitler youth in Nazi Germany performing a salute taken on May 1, 1933 Bundesarchiv, Bild 147-0510 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Image of Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded Donald Trump (fake) as artistic free expression by Tyler Shields, Youtube.

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Other references http://www.gomn.com/news/kathy-griffins-beheaded-trump-controversy-impacting-al-franken/