The world of acronyms has reached new heights of insanity thanks to our nutsy-coo-coo forefathers of HIVstericality.

The man is accused of murder for not informing his girlfriend he “had HIV” they say.


Here is the snapshot from Google news on June 7, 2017.

He needs to call the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Since October 2009, it has helped defense attorneys successfully defend scores of HIV-related criminal cases.

We can thank idiots and sensationalists and opportunists like Oprah, all the news outlets, Anthony Fauci, drug pushers, and the sheep that have followed this insane theory and not used their own common sense for the arrest of human beings who cannot possibly be carrying something that they claim mosquitoes and air cannot when all credible science and simple logic presents that those methods of transmission are real.

These are people who keep spreading lies. It’s not a virus, it’s other things.

Think about it, if air can transmit HIV (because why can it not, it’s lighter than dust, and don’t say “it’s killed once it…..” as viruses are not living things) THEN what we have is  hysteria transmitting insanity like in the dark ages, yet it’s the 2nd millennium people.

As stated on the OMSJ website: “According to HIV test manufacturers, FDA-approved HIV tests do not detect HIV and cannot be used to diagnose HIV.  AIDS drugs cause cancer and kill.  Many HIV medications contain drugs like Sustiva (Efavirenz), a benzoxazine (BZX) that compromises immune function after ONE DOSE and can produce life-long psychological and physical injuries.”

How could this happen? It’s called incentive. Their site also states, “The Ryan White Act made billions of dollars available to states that arrest persons who test positive for HIV (42 U.S.C. 300ff-47 (2000).”

Ah, thanks to HIV/LUNATICS we had our taxes go to “help stop the spread of AIDS” by giving money to police to arrest those who cough.

Who on Earth would be stupid enough to “get tested”? I guess because they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves not knowing they were responsible for murder if they didn’t know? OMG the insanity. Better get tested for the flu and a trillion other viruses then “that kill” and are transmitted by coughs and sex lest if any one dies from the flu, you be thrown in jail.

Oh and if any of those viruses in your back yard have Malaria (bad-air-ia) you better get each one of those tested because since the critter is in your yard, if they bite someone and they get HIV you would be responsible for murder if you didn’t test them.

Or we could smarten up and dump this shit in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and let nature take care of it, like what our bodies do ever day when we take a dump in the Great Terrific Toilet Patch each day.

Hey look at all those viruses there in the toilet.

Now don’t flush lest those things get thrown in the air and anyone in your house catches them and you get charged with murder if someone dies of HIV poisoning……

…..and after all this, some still insist I don’t know squat.

Feature image is artwork called “Murder In The House” by Jakub Schikaneder – Ophelia2, Public Domain, – was the woman murdered by someone who coughed HIV? Maybe they threw it at her and it hit her so hard she died.

Toilet photograph is by Scottperry and is a full view of natural position (squat) toilet, including tank which to many is as foreign to them as the concepts of which I speak and proves that there are things that people are completely unaware of that are real.