“A key feature of scientific theories is that they make successful predictions, which we can use to determine whether they’re likely to be right.” – Ars Technica, article entitled “Einstein still annoyingly right….”

Right by who? Scientists who cannot even grasp that a virus can be carried by a mosquito, believing the HIV/LIE that it can’t be transmitted by flying dirty shared needles?

We always accept that others who are well educated and have titles are more knowledgeable than we are with their subjects of study, but should we?

In reading this article about Einstein being “annoying” for some weird reason, like “he’s right” I started wondering, how do we know he’s right? Like the mess called HIV/AIDS right is wrong.

So there’s this “distortion of space” that proves his theory of relativity. Hmm. Sounds like HIV science. It’s distorted and thus proves to everyone that it’s real.

The article states “Relativity predicted that the mass of the Sun should distort space enough to bend the light arriving from distant stars.”

The mass of the sun is supposed to do this? How about simple refraction of light. Like duh. Einstein was wrong.

How can Einstein be wrong? LOL, just like how so many things are.

Take this from the article also, “Not only was relativity confirmed yet again, but the result cleared up a potentially awkward possibility, namely that the star was older than the Universe itself.”

OMG this is the most absurd stupid statement, saying that something is older than something that has been around for eternity, but this is the kind of crap that all these hucksters pull on us. They use such eloquent speech that is refracted so what we see is not what really is there.

What is really out there in space is $.

Now for those who have red this far and believe that I’m cracked, lunatiatic, and stupid, and make the conclusion that I don’t know anything about anything, that just goes to show how wrong thay are as all things are relative.

Feature image of Einstein in 1921 By Ferdinand Schmutzer – http://www.bhm.ch/de/news_04a.cfm?bid=4&jahr=2006 [dead link], archived copy (image), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=34239518