We didn’t need purple anyway but how could this have happened. It was there yesterday.

Well, chalk it up to a LGBT-QWERTY group gave a big “fuck you” to Trump supporters who wanted to be in the gay pride parade.

Charlotte Pride excluded the “Make America Great Again” float. The group was called “Gays for Trump”.


Talbert said he plans to sue Charlotte Pride for discrimination and is already raising money for his legal fees on a GoFundMe page. The campaign has raised $3,100 as of Thursday afternoon. He also set up a website called Deplorable Pride, which contains information on events that he is planning as alternatives to Charlotte Pride and his fundraising page. – Breitbart’s Katherine Rodriguez writes


You go guy.

Gay pride was developed for the sake of inclusion. The entire foundation of the gay rights movement is inclusion, acceptance of others, diversity, equal treatment.

Or maybe not. Have they included straights? As long as they are questioning and supportive of gays, sure they do.

So here we have exclusion.

I have never seen such rampant hate for a President and it’s followers. It’s not sane or balanced.

I have seen such hate for anyone who would dare state that HIV is bogus bullcrap though. They cannot accept that there is no such thing as a viral cause of disease that cannot be transmitted by air or other flying objects like baseballs with used dirty needles on them.

All my life I have watched the fucked up QWERTY movement’s leaders do stupid political crap, acting like bowels, full of shit, dumping on everyone that doesn’t look like a toilet.

They hate Republicans. Doesn’t matter if you are gay or QWERTY, if you are a Republican, you are not accepted. It’s the stupidest thing.

In the 1980’s when the whole redefinition of immune system problems arose, these libtards thumbed their nose to the conservative idea that drugs, alcohol, and video head cleaner abuse led to HID. They scoffed when the question was brought up by a Midwest Republican saying “If it’s a viral cause couldn’t anyone get it from a mosquito.” OMG he was ostracized to no end. To this day the lie that it can’t continues to have infected their minds.

Pride. Foolish.

Todd Starnes stated “Those who preach tolerance and equality are normally the least tolerant and least equal of all.” and “Charlotte Pride should be celebrating diversity. Instead, it appears they are shoving gay Republicans back into the closet.”

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Feature image of the new improved gay flag which has one less color created on 6/8/2017 and is copyright. Use of this image is protected by United States copyright law. What it stands for is leaving OUT those of all previous gay rights, LGBT rights, LGBTQWERTYA-Z rights movements who exclude based on political beliefs and instead including everyone who is not biased as such.