I wrote it backwards as I am defiant and it reflects the fact that the LGBTQ community is QTBGL.

So today the QTBGL community rose up and raised up defiant fists for Orlando.

Google news snapshot June 11, 2017

Defiant fist?

At the LA pride event, they didn’t do a parade, just a walk in defiance. It was a staged event.

None of these people are defiant when it comes to believing that “The Pulse Nightclub Massacre” wasn’t a movie.


Let’s remember this guy one year later, he said he was shot in the hand at this press conference and looks at his right hand. Other times it’s claimed he was shot in the left hand. How defiant would it be to question his story! Talk to those hands! They’re certainly not in a wheelchair, he keeps flailing them around.

He’s a performer. NORMAN CASIANO. Does drag. Has billions of photos of himself on social media and has hands that won’t quit. Staged events are his specialty. He also miraculously had 4 bullets shot through his body, no bullets found, they went right through, and no holes! Sounds like a movie.

Even Jesus had holes! OMG this man is better than Jesus.

Today people have holes in their heads and believe this event was real.

Feature image is of the movie poster for the movie “Defiance” featuring Daniel Craig and is used as a reference to what defiance means when making movies and staging events.

***”NOTE: This is sarcastic theatrical comedy. The subtitles do not match up to what he is actually saying. Was just too damn funny to not make a video of tho! LOL” is what we see on the website from which this originated.