You may think that this is absurdly obvious…..Asbestos causes Cancer.

But many things cause Cancer.

Ok, now let’s state something equally as obvious….HIV causes AIDS.

But many things cause AIDS.

Yes indeed. There is about 26 different things that cause AIDS.

Pneumonia causes AIDS.

Liver failure causes AIDS.

(add full list later)

AIDS is not a disease like Pneumonia, it is a category, a “syndrome”.

So really it goes like this, if someone who is HIV+ and QTBGL+ dies of AIDS, what they died of is getting a virus that causes pneumonia that causes acquired immune deficiency syndromes. The label AIDS is a very convoluted way of expressing what is very basic, a virus causes pneumonia which can cause someone to die (or causes liver failure or other things).

The common understanding is that a virus causes a massive immune system deficiency and then these other “opportunist infections” take hold, but that makes no sense. There are many common ways that immune systems malfunction or become deficient. There is no test to see if someone has partied all night with drugs and alcohol WHICH CAUSES IMMUNE DEFICIENCY which causes “opportunist infections” like pneumonia to take hold.

The whole mess is a definition syndrome matter.

People don’t get a virus just by having sex, they get acronyms by having sex.

A virus is a virus, flying shared dirty needles can transmit that scary sexual acronym virus like it can with any virus.

If HIV was real as described, everyone would get it from mosquito bites and other things that fly and carry any and all viruses.

I posted the public domain image of the Flying Spagetti Monster touching ??? (some Roman dude) as it is a fantasy representation of a religious symbol like how HIV is a fantasy religious symbol that all worship and as a comparison of religious mindsets that believe in things that are not real but provide some sense of satisfaction in their worlds.

*inspired by

Feature image of flying things that also carry HIV (the Flying Spagetti Monster) by Niklas Jansson (Android Arts) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons