The news today presents in living color a dude who was taunted for “being gay” at work, and wins the $17.5 million jackpot!

Thing is, he “wasn’t gay”. He wasn’t LGBTQ+ either (so it’s claimed). He is a former sanitation worker in Los Angeles and sued the city, having been regularly harassed at work and so called “falsely accused” of being homoLGBTQ+sexual.

So if he had not been falsely accused of being sexual, then would he have not won?

Anyboohoo, now your taxes are paying lawyers and him to be millionaire for boo hoo being taunted to being gay when they are not even gay, sucking millions from the Los Angeles City budget that could have fixed sidewalks.

And the LGBTQ+ politicians and rags cheer a big “HURRAH+”.

Hey why stop there, everyone sue every city and business and individual for ever being taunted and just destroy this country completely why don’t we?

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