It’s interesting to, from this perspective, look at how language is used to convince people of things. For example, the Google news snapshot below from June 20, 2017 presents a headline that states “In just one year nearly 1.3 million Americans needed hospital care for opioid related issues.”

Sounds like opioids are causing a lot of hospital stays!

Not exactly, it’s about related issues, not the opioids. If someone is on opioids for pain they have issues with pain, back pain, overall pain, pain, pain, pain. The related issue is the pain.

So really, many of these “opioid related issues” are problems with pain, not the opioids.

This is important to understand when we look at matters regarding so called “sexual health” and where blame is placed erroneously.

Things that are related have as much to do with each other as do your relatives who are related. Just because something is related to something doesn’t mean that it’s what is causing something anymore than your drug addicted cousin who is related to you has anything to do with your interview for a job.

Even a relationship between humans doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything directly causing something. For example, the wife spends too much and starts bouncing checks. There’s a relationship between the checkbook bouncing and the husband. They are related.

In the early DAZE of HIV (Hysteria In Virology) they couldn’t figure out what was causing a disease the new interns at the hospital said they never saw before. It wasn’t new it was Karparsis Sarcoma, a skin cancer. Medias got hold of this story, and the whole world of medical treatment was abuzz with what is causing this? They saw that it was happening in men. They said that fucking was related to this falsely claimed new disease. It wasn’t happening in straights, it was gay RELATED.

It was initially called GRID – Gay Related Immune Disease

The disease they said was related to sex.

Really though, it was related to too much drugs, alcohol, and amyl nitrate inhaliation.

The relationship between sex was really nothing, just because sex was there, doesn’t mean that is what caused it, it was the relationship between the person and their use of chemical substances that destroyed cells.

They are related.

It wasn’t very politically correct though to blame the victim, the gay guy, so the blame instead went to “a virus” because it was related.

Feature image of man harvesting “opioids” from poppy seeds (actually just harvesting poppy seeds) is in the public domain,