In going with the flow of GLBTQ+QWERTY acronymania AGER is Anti Gay Equal Rights, or AGLBTQ+ER for long.

That’s supporting acronyms within acronyms!

Let’s see how far we can take this.

So the Georgia special election race has a winner. The Republican.

Smelling salts for liberals please.

Ok they are still not waking up, so let’s discuss anyway, I have a time crunch here. The woman is named Karen Handel and has a record of being rather anti equality for the AGLBTQ+ER community.

Just because she’s a wacked out ultra conservative on that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the best choice. The other dude was Jon Ossoff and he didn’t even live in the district he would have served. That seems like a big problem.

Poor liberal retards.

Feature image showing a small woman is of Karen Handel and is in the public domain as found on Wikipedia provided by MMAFightFan