It’s Not Rocket Science It’s Engineering Stupid

There was a high rise fire in London, the Grenfell building. It was built in 1974. England only required sprinklers in high rises after 2007.

Reading about the principles of how the fire spread on website I read a comment as shown below in the snapshot from 6/22/2017.

Notice the part where the engineer states that having sprinklers in a building is like having a fireman in every unit on every floor.

I am an engineer, I take issue with that statement. It’s especially obvious how ridiculous that statement is, no where near a logical comparison when we look at what was stated just prior to that about water pressure.

Sprinkler systems cannot all go on at one time or they get overwhelmed, causing the water pressure to drop, whereas less flow comes out of each sprinkler, thus becoming ineffective. Thus they are designed best to only have sections go on in order to maintain pressure.

So having a fireman on every floor in every unit is like having residents on every floor on every unit all who need to escape in a fire. Yes those firemen all there need to escape too because if they don’t have the water pressure they need, they can’t do much of anything in a raging blaze like that.

This of course takes me to compare those engineers and architects of H I science. Some of the claims made don’t hold up to scrutiny, and these have been pointed out decades ago.

There is no such thing as a HIV when it’s claimed that transmission is extremely limited in it’s routes. If we have a dirty needle on a mosquito that goes into a blood stream to pick up things and a dirty needle that goes into a blood stream picking up things from drug use, then we have the same modes of transmission, but what we have is contradiction in HI science.

This is absolutely impossible for a needle from drugs to be the mode and then claim that the mosquito needle can’t do the same thing.

It’s the most obvious contradiction that completely destroys the house of cards that HIV is built on.

Even in engineering, we see that steel framed high rises don’t fall like HIV theories do.

Yet the people have been taught to believe what doesn’t make sense, through fear, intimidation, authority, political interests, and panic.

Engineers of HIV theory of transmission are all very rich off this thing. Why would they expose themselves as having made a mistake? Their entire structure would collapse if they did.

Even then, if the architects made such retractions, the brainwashing of the public might be so bad that they still wouldn’t believe it, and they might continue to get tested using modalities that are not even designed to find any one specific virus, and rather is an indicator of cellular debris that all people have in them.

Testing positive is more like testing positive for debris after 9/11. Yes it’s there but it DID NOT CAUSE THE COLLAPSE.

The planes represent what did cause the collapse, much like the explosions of cells are their associated structures are caused by abuse of drugs, alcohol, and amyl nitrates and other factors.

Cellular debris which is what HIV testing finds, is not the cause.

Feature image reminds me of how I felt watching the HIV theory collapse when I discovered the truth decades ago. It is an image of a A New York City fire fighter looks up at what remains of the World Trade Center after its collapse after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack where planes flew into the buildings and the structure lost it’s core strength. U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Jim Watson. (RELEASED) in the public domain.

English: 010913-N-1350W-003 New York, N.Y. (Sept. 13, 2001) —