Here’s why i think the gays are going to lose on this one, or the QWERTY’s or the whatevers….

An artist has a right to refuse service to anyone. They don’t have to take a job if they don’t want to.

Government cannot force me to sing Star Spangled Banner.

I cannot be forced to paint a Nazi image on a cake if it offends me.

A business can choose to not decorate on a cake or display on a store shelf a Nazi image. regardless of the fact that we are all free to say Heil Hitler, or write it on paper, or decorate a cake with it.

While government cannot stop you or anyone from freely making gay wedding cakes, or Nazi cakes, government also cannot force people to decorate the way a customer demands.

What kind of society would we have if government could force us to not be discriminating consumers and discriminating businesses and have discriminating taste?

Like the win for Hobby Lobby which won it’s case to refuse providing abortions through insurance based on the company owner’s religious beliefs, the non-gay cake makers equally provide that same non-service to others. They don’t care who is GLTBorQ+, they don’t make LGBTQ+ cakes for anyone.

With gay QWERTY wedding cakes, the business does not provide gay wedding cakes to any customer regardless of whether they are married same sex or married opposite sex, they provide them equally to no one.

They refuse to provide a gay wedding cake to anyone. Certain artistic expressions they feel violate their religious beliefs. They do this equally.

The equality argument that the “gay couple” is being discriminated against is not being applied correctly.

Artists can not be forced by government to do things against their religious beliefs or whatever beliefs, as long as they apply that equally.

Now if the cake decorator offered gay wedding cakes to straight couples who wanted one to display at their church to bash gays ceremoniously by smashing the cake to pieces, as a display of hate, and not provide a similar gay wedding cake to a gay couple, then we have a problem of unequal treatment. If this was the case then the gay couple would win.

Cake decorators in this case simply do not want to make gay wedding cakes for anyone. It doesn’t matter that gay marriage is legal. Equally, if a gay business doesn’t want to make straight wedding cakes for anyone, only gay wedding cakes, they have that right.

Gays simply cannot have their gay wedding cake in all it’s splendor and poop it out too, but really, the more pressing problem is figuring out how they got that square piece of cake from that round one (reference image above).

Feature image of a chocolate fudge cake By Tracy Hunter from Kabul,, Afghanistan (Chocolate Fudge Cake  Uploaded by Ekabhishek) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons