I’m not gay. I’m into dudes.

If you refer to me as a G or as a QWERTY+ or anything that has to do with “community” that would be incorrect.

I am not a part of the PrEP+ crowd either. That whole thing makes no sense.

I always get tested for scams.

Last test was negative for the HIV+ scam. I’m not infected with unicorn virus theories that make claims things that are smaller than molecules can’t travel by flying syringes into back yard BBQ+’s.

The HIV+ theory holocaust killed my friends.

I test positive for being SOTH – Sad Over That Holocaust.

That acronym is not to be confused with Lord Soth who is a civilized human who is from Solamniaas seen below which is a fantasy character.

HIV is a fantasy character.

Lord Soth is a dude.

Lord Soth is a very cool fantasy.

Most fantasies do not hurt people.

Feature image of the character is believed to be fair use as it merely refers to the character.