LGD is the same as ALS which is the same as MND.

It was used in a few sentences. MND, AKA ALS and LGD is what the creator of the IBC had. He died at the age of TT. The three terms could just be stated with the acronym S. Why waste so many letters?

Here are the various terms spelled out in real words instead of those expressed by those suffering from SAAD:

MND- Motor Neuron Disease

ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

LGD – Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Wikipedia does not even have reference to this)

IBC – Ice Bucket Challenge

TT – Thirty Two

SAAD – Stupid Annoying Acronym Displays

S – Sclerosis

Reference: story at MSN

Feature image by Frank Gaillard

MRI (parasagittal FLAIR) demonstrates increased T2 signal within the posterior part of the internal capsule and can be tracked to the subcortical white matter of the motor cortex, outlining the corticospinal tract), consistent with the clinical diagnosis of ALS. source:Radiopedia.org and case