I found it interesting to discover this acronym for We Are Change. Where is the A? They used an R instead of an A.

Novel idea.

We can do that to LGBT+Q!

above image snapshot from this website

L – instead of Lesbian we use a Z because that sound is so pronounced in that term

G – instead of G for Gay we use an A as it sounds like “ayyyyyyy”

B – instead of B for Bisexual we use an I as that is what is most pronounced “Iiiiiiiiiii”

T – instead of T for Transexual we use a T

+ – instead of + for Plus we use a P

Q – instead of Q for Questioning we use a ?

What do we have cheerleaders? ZAITP? ZAITP?!

Or we could rearrange those to PIZAT?

There are many pluses and minuses in doing such things to acronyms.

Feature image snapshot of Wikipedia page on plus and minus signs captured on July 4, 2017