THIS/MAN saw a debris field.

2 other men saw what they wanted to see – a killer!

A few more watching the mad dash to find a cause saw spot run away from the mania.

Who are these men I am referring to?

One is a man who knows ELECTRON MICROSCOPES and their images inside out and sideways, like no other person on the planet. He states that what was dubbed the cause of AIDS is actually cellular debris.

Cellular debris the cause of AIDS??

No of course not. Cellular debris does not cause AIDS, but those who forged the HIV/AIDS theory in the 1980 disco days (daze) and sold this theory to government spokespersons made this claim.

The entire foundation of HIV as the cause of AIDS is based on the idea that cellular debris was seen as “the cause”. It’s what’s in those photographs of “HIV”.

It’s not a virus that is seen, it’s garbage, debris from cells.

The entire claim is like calling dust and dirt the cause of disease. We don’t do that.

There is no killer virus. If there was, mosquitoes would carry it and penises would carry it equally.

The 1980’s was a weird time. Media latched onto the fear factor and it caught like wildfire.

The co-discoverers of “HIV” – which is actually cellular debris according to the world’s best expert in interpreting images from electron microscopes – presented their ideas to the world, they interpreted what they saw as being something I have acronymized as SRACPBC’s.

SRACBCS’s are Satanic Rituals And Sacrifices Performed By Cells.

When we have THE WORLD’S RENOWNED EXPERT in looking at things under the microscope saying that what they saw was DIRT, one has to take notice.

It’s hard for most people to understand this statement and what it means.

Really. How could the whole world be duped?

That’s easy to do. Just add fear, hysteria, drive for $, and sprinkle with hype and grassy activism.

Demands also play a role. The “gay activist community” as it was formerly known in those days, made incredible demands of government to solve the problem of gays dying in the early 1980’s.

These health problems started with drug abuse pounding cells to death. The cause later morphed into blaming a virus.

Reality is though, what they call HIV is nothing more than dirt.

This means that all the HIV testing in the world is flawed. In reality all HIV/TESTING does is find general antibodies in everyone, meaning if you ever had the flu, you could test positive!

Yet, even today, decades later, we remain at war, bombarded with “get tested” push campaigns and preventive pills to take now if you are GLBT and sexual.

It’s all based on the fact that what was seen in electron micro-photographs is actually not anything that kills, it’s dead stuff. Kinda like dust, which I suppose if you inhale enough of it you could die, but when there’s enough dust or dead cell debris that could cause death, it’s pretty obvious, and not found with HIV tests.

All HIV tests find anyway are antibodies, random antibodies, NATURAL TO EVERY HUMAN BEING in various quantities.

In other words, that PReP pill you are taking is unnecessary (since HIV is nothing more than dead dirt) unless of course you are trying to protect yourself from dead dirt like you try to protect your self from dead dust every day since you most certainly are also taking pills for that.

Featured image of a master scientist of electron microscopy who is my hero is presented in the documentary House of Numbers.