Reality TV which is more unreal than Fake TV or any TV but not as unreal as HGTV used to consume part of my day, every day.

The addiction to watching people fix up their homes was powerful but one day in watching the “successful” show called “Property Brothers” which features an ultra cutesy set of twins flipping houses***** I got so disgusted with it all. The camera is all over the place. I hate drunken camera work. I think this sobered me up (not others) to realize that this whole fix up thing is a sham to get you to buy stuff at their advertisers, of course what TV show isn’t?

It’s all about pushing products, bottom line. One of the things that disgusts me the most about these shows now on this network is their religious fervor in destroying the closed concept kitchen.

That is a kitchen with walls and thus MORE CUPBOARD SPACE and privacy, separation so that you can cook without having to also entertain. It’s one that has worked for ten thousand years, but no, HGTV has it in for that Satanic kitchen concept. Out come the sledge hammers every time.

So it was wildly refreshing to read this article taking a sledge hammer to HGTV, a network I now can’t stand.

Beware of anyone who wants to destroy your closed concept kitchen!


I am now volunteering my time to help others take a sledge hammer to their HGTV home wrecking aka “improvement” addictions.

Feature image By Blaisos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons showing a shoot of the reality TV show “Being Human”

Additional image is a snapshot from article page

**** flipping houses got the world into a Property Mess in 2008 remember????????