I have heard the expression “Oh so you’re part of the flat earth society” for years, sometimes directed at me.

I never knew there actually is one.

They claim (The Flat Earth Society) that the earth is flat while others believe the HIV/WORLD is round.

I learned about this as there is an entertainer who has set up a GFM page to send his own satellites up into space to prove to us that it’s actually flat.

That entertainer is Bobby Ray and he got a certificate from The Flat Earth Society in appreciation.

That’s more than I ever got for joining The Gay Community or shunning The LGBTQWERTY community.

It’s also interesting to read all the countless articles there are on the internet now tending to poke fun at this guy. One of which I thought I’d comment on is by Business Insider.

They claim that there are “endless hours of video footage” proving that the earth is round. The authors of the article Dave Mosher and Anjelica Oswald point out the rapper’s “theory flaws” amongst which is stated that he erroneously claims in his rap song that NASA is a part of the Department of Defense. Since when do we consider rap songs to be accurate presentations? They also point out, in their what appears to be an endless theme of clarity and accuracy, that the earth is roundish, a spheroid. So if these authors, probably fresh out of high school, a place where this is endless hours of juvenile poking fun at others, are so concerned about accuracy, what are they doing inaccurately making such a statement claiming there is endless hours of video footage when there will infinitely and forever be an end to how many hours of video footage there is of anything. Their statement is more absurd than claiming the earth is flat!

And when I say there are countless hours of articles on the internet my statement is accurate and precise. No one can count the articles. One might estimate but that is not what I stated, I said countless. They are countless. There is no count. They can’t be counted.

Proving the earth is flat or round also cannot be done any more than proving that there is a virus that causes massively complex and multi-interactive disease conditions caused by APOD (A Piece Of Dirt) which is what viruses are. If the virus theory was round then we would see mosquitoes on the flat earth carrying it from HOBY to HOBY infecting everyone as all they are is flying dirty shared needles.

HBY – Home O Back Yard

The Flat Earth Society

Go Fund Me page asks that the world prove that it’s round and has a curve and is not just special effects

Lyrics for “Flatline” by Bobby Ray

Feature image snapshot on Septmber 29, 2017 of The Flat Earth Society page that warmly welcomes Bobby Ray for being a part of a society of people who use their brains to think rather than just accept what is being told them

Story image snapshot September 29, 2017 of Business Insider online story on rapper Bobby Ray’s interest in getting proof that the earth is round, rather than just being handed it and expected it to be accepted which is what governments have done endlessly to it’s people which also has been a tool for manipulation

Two snapshots of the authors Anjelica Oswald and Dave Mosher obtained via DuckDuckGo.com image search and seem to represent accurate and not endless search results that point to the likely fact that they are fresh out of high school (to be clear “fresh” would mean any time up to say 26 years of age as compared to someone 59 years old who would have an additional 3 decades or more of observing how world news organizations can present fake news, distort perceptions, or simply report on things that 99.99% of the people believe they know to be true